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archaeoWISe is a private company contributing to the investigation and/or preservation of threatened heritage sites worldwide. archaeoWISe focuses on regions where archaeological survey is momentarily not available or where it has not yet been institutionally developed. 

archaeoWISe Mission

As contractors, we guarantee to our customers a professional preparation, management, and implementation of archaeological field interventions worldwide. archaeoWISe proposes the best and fastest adaptive investigation and/or preservation solutions for threatened archaeological sites worldwide

Fast service
In a world characterized by fast paced changes and rapid expansions,
archaeoWISe offers the fastest possible field intervention on archaeological heritage sites facing major natural or human destruction threats. We give governmental or international agencies, regional councils, and ethnic minority groups a unique chance to contribute to save the invaluable knowledge preserved in archaeological sites.

archaeoWISe Method

Strategic proposal and external support
Once the goals and range of a possible intervention are defined with our customer,
archaeoWISe elaborates a specific strategic and logistic proposal for the archaeological intervention. If necessary, archaeoWISe seeks additional scholarly or technical input from external advisors in academic or governmental institutions. The proposal and cost estimate are then discussed with the customer for approval. For interventions in less-developed regions, archaeoWISe can assist and/or guide the customer for  gaining additional financial means from donor agencies to implement the intervention.

Field intervention and reporting 
On the base of the established contract,
archaeoWISe sets up a custom-based team of professional specialists capable of reaching the site to investigate with minimal delay. On site, the fully equipped archaeoWISe-team, eventually assisted by locally hired labor force, realizes the field investigation with state of the art know-how and technical means. At campaign's end, an on-site elaborated preliminary report is delivered to the mandatory institution. If the nature of the elaborated results indicate necessary investigation extensions, those are clearly explained to the customer and eventual further steps can be organized on site. At latest twelve months after the intervention's end, archaeoWISe delivers a final scientific report in desired format. Depending on wishes, possible study extensions or further analysis collaborations can be proposed.

Scholarly and technical advice
From our dynamic regional base office located in Switzerland,
archaeoWISe manages permanent links to academic, institutional, and private foundation councils showing readiness to insure additional archaeological advice. In order to master the challenges presented by our customers, we can count on the professional skills of following partners and advisors:

  • Swiss-Liechtenstein Foundation for Archaeological Research Abroad (SLFA): based in Zurich, Switzerland, this foundation finances planed archaeological field research internationally. Their focus are archaeological projects developed by Swiss academic teams.
  • Swiss National Funds for scientific research (SNF): located in Bern, this is the governmental funding institution fro Switzerland.
  • Specialized academic departments in various universities (Geneva, Neuchâtel, Lausanne, Basel, Bern, Zurich, etc).
  • Advisors in museums.
  • Technical advisors from laboratories in various branches of analytical research.

Fast, reliable, and accurate
As a Swiss based company with dynamic international flair,
archaeoWISe uses highest grade technologies and know-how, as well as the fastest possible intervention methods to insure you the best investigation results.

archaeoWISe Contact Information

archaeoWISe offers an adaptive range of solutions. Our base-office desk provides further information. Our coordinator, Reto Blumer, is available for specific questions.

archaeoWISe delivers an adaptive range of solutions to your request... worldwide!

+41 26 912 50 14
+41 26 912 50 14
Postal address
Archaeology Worldwide Intervention Service
27, rue de Vevey   CH-1630 Bulle FR   Switzerland
Electronic mail
General Information, sales, and customer support:

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